Lord Of The Rings Online Beta

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Beta

What geek is not a LotR fan? Thats right all of them are! Which means, I am right there in that boat. This game is 3 years old now, and Turbine has decided to follow in the foot steps of its other hit, Dungeons and Dragons Online. Lord of The Rings Online is going Free To Play.

NDA has been lifted from this beta and now I can talk about it. I have been invited since day one of the launch. I did not install the game right away because of school, so I waited till the weekend. This game has what it takes to be one of the best mmo’s I have played.

New Log-In Screen
Visually nice and easy on the eyes. I like the look of it and think it will be a nice change from the old one (even if a lot of the older players might disagree).

Revamped Starting Areas
The  starting areas received a revamp and it ties in your character closer to those in the books. I have also noticed in the human starting area that the quest are a bit different and are more focused towards a goal then it use to be before.

Skirms and Dungeons At Level 20
You can now start Skirming and finding fellowships at level 20. Dungeons are called “Classics” and you can instant queue with your fellowship and be transported to that dungeon. Also there is a new vendor at Skirm Camps called a “Classic Vendor”. He/She will take your skirm marks and certain marks you get from dungeons and exchange it for some pretty good gear.

LotRO Store
Just like the DDO store but filled with goodies for LotR. One nice little feature, once you get out of the newb area, you can buy the Riding Skill and a Mount and start riding right there! There are also “Quest Packs” that you buy to unlock anything outside of the starting areas and Bree (no worries for paid members as they get it all still, which my next blog I will go over the “Free, Premium, and VIP” accounts)

Let me just say, WOW!
The game now uses DX11 and might I say it is stunning. The landscapes and the beautiful scenes make me fill like I am right there in the books and living the adventure myself as a character of J.R.R. Tolkien himself. The water effects of the reflections and the way the sky gets when it is raining makes this game seem alive.

I have had the most fun with this beta. Since playing, I have bought the Mines of Moria expansion pack and reinstated my subscription
to Lord of the Rings Online. This is one game I will be playing for a long while.

(Make sure to check my next post where I will go more into the account types, getting started now, and being ready for the upcoming Lord of the Rings Online FREE TO PLAY)

Evendim in the water

Evendim in the water

  1. tock says:

    Have u the link for the beta client, cant find it^^

  2. blackxdragon says:

    Should have been in the email that you received when you are invited to the beta. If you still cant find it then you can download it at this link:


    That is the client for the beta.

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