LotRO Account Types

Posted: August 7, 2010 in Beta

I will be going over the account types for the upcoming release of Lord of The Rings Online Free to Play. I believe that Turbine has decided to do this to get people into the game to try it out for longer and either buy points or subscribe to the game (which is a very smart move on the companies part and this will be very successful).

Free Account (a misnomer but that is what it is called)
Free accounts are brand new players to the game. This is like the companies 10 day free trial but with unlimited time and some restrictions. Free accounts will be able to only create one character per server. There is no level cap for these players but the only areas open to them are the starting areas and Bree. There will be two Skirms open to these players.There is also a 2 gold level cap. You will also be limited to 3 bags.

Premium Account
Premium players are one of two things: A free player that bought points (don’t have to spend points, just buy and redeem them) or VIPs that let did not pay for the subscription. Premium players get an upgraded 3 characters per server and a raised gold cap of  5 gold.

VIP Account
VIP are subscribers to the game. It’s $14.99 for a month or $9.99 when you sign up for 3 months or more at a time. They will have everything unlocked for them in the game, as there are no restrictions for VIPs. As an added bonus for being VIP, members will gain 500 TP (Turbine Points) to use in the online store per month. Current VIPs that do not wish to pay anymore or dont have the money to pay will be bumped down to Premium player.

Getting Started Now!
Okay here is the thing, If you go out and get Shadows of Angmar and Mines of Moria (must have the original before the expansion pack) then once Free To Play hits, you will have the Moria content without having to buy from the store. Extra character slots which you will still have during free to play, and also the two character classes (Warden and Rune-Keeper). You will not have to worry about getting these items on the LotRO Store. Also, if you decide to not pay afterwards you will automatically be upgraded to a Premium account. Same goes with the people who have bought the game before and currently do not pay a subscription to the game. As a word of advice, GET YOUR GAME ON!


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