The wait is almost over…FFXVI Open Beta (Guess again…)

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Beta

I am an avid , well watcher. I love going to their site to find out information on up and coming betas. It has been posted that FFXVI open beta was suppose to start tonight but it has been postponed for bugs in the system. I will say a few days and then you can sign up for Open Beta. Head on over to to download the loader at 1900 hours PST. This is one beta I have had my eyes set on and look forward to the beautiful graphics and the game play. I will post my character names on here as soon as it is up and if you feel like questing then hit me up in game.

**Update** I got into beta and wanted to try it out. First off their P2P sucks! I can download on uTorrent with speeds up to 1.2MB and with their client setting at dead 0.0b is killer and takes days to download (Which you are not suppose to use third party P2P to download…shhhhh) So, I finally get into the game, this thing is a memory and graphic hog and will only let me run the game in a medium sized window mode. Not only that everything is sluggish from the mouse movements to the character movements. I had a good enough graphics card to run almost any game and this one is not it. Also want to add that questing and trying to find out what to do or where to go next is difficult.

Gameplay:     3/5
Graphics:       3/5
Chances of me buying and subbing to this game : 0/5

I am sorry to say but I see this failing just like FFXI did. Well on to find the next beta.


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